Friday, 7 January 2011


For a band that has constantly had its raw and distinguished sound, going back to the authenticity of bedroom recordings is possibly the most defining moment in there career and possibly the source of changes in modern music.

Dave Grohl and the other gentlemen that are Foo Fighters, have recorded there latest album, due for release spring of this year,  In the garage of the Grohl household.

After seeing the list of artists for sound of 2011, there are a minimum that don't use a computerized sound created from there latest imac there parents. so creating this home recording of every whisper and twang of the string brings back that sense of creativity through an instrument that has been taken away from us through the recent years.

Don't get me wrong some of my favourite bands and artists are digital DJ's, but its refreshing to feel as if you are a part of this creation and your the only person to hear it. 

Artists constantly look for this perfect sound, its a bit like your local boy racer, "jason" pumping up his speakers to 11 for that perfect babe magnet of a sound.. pouring out of his ford Ka, good effort..but that is the market these days, people have forgotten what real music sounds like and that the imperfections are sometimes the best bits.

Im personally excited for this album to be released, knowing that they have spent there time producing this album in, i assume a garage with beer fridges and other essential man stuff makes me have faith in music again. the love of the sound is still there.


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